Our vision

HUM.... What is art? What is creativity? What is design? What is innovation? For each question, we can provide many different answers. What we should keep in mind is to keep all options open, do not rush to find a precise answer. Why? Because a good artist is creative, of course, as a good engineer or scientist is. They just express it differently. All of them—if they're good at what they do— innovate by bringing something new into the world. What they have in common: confidence, curiosity and passion for what they do.

People who are smart and creative can let go of their inhibitions to try something unusual. They're not afraid to mix things. Most of them like to play. They never stop to explore what hides behind what we see first. They are always looking to find ways for making the invisible visible.

If you don't feel that you are creative, you can start by being an ideas broker, copying what you see... and adapt it to a new field or a different context. One thing is sure, if you don't try all kinds of things; if you only repeat what you do well, you will let terrific potential die inside you.

At The New School of Creativity, we believe that everyone has a creative potential, one who understands how to reveal it, in order to walk on the path of a happier life. Not a quiet life, but a life with purpose, meaning and new learning. Join our workshops, read the blog of Sylvie Gendreau, Slow Down to Leap, and enjoy the transformation while learning. 

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