I also devoted myself to writing, often with my partner, Pierre Guité. It was important to share all the thoughts and experiences. I also worked with musicians and actors for different creative events, and directed two short movies: The first movie presents an educational program for the Canadian universities where students take training courses after each semester gaining practical experience along with theoretical knowledge. This teaching process gave impressive results. The second film presented Quebec abroad and was regarded as a reference for a number of years. In Imagine Quebec, I put several artists, composers, scientists and entrepreneurs on stage showing the most important natural resource - the imagination of people.


I produced the Escale à Deschambault on the restoration of a marching area in Portneuf.  It gained the trophy of Carré Magique at Quebec Film Festival in Blois, France.


I also directed a large innovative project of collective intelligence in order to improve respect and communication in corporations where human relations were difficult between unions and employers.  It was a fabulous intranet project, called Agora.


At that time, Gendreau Communications team was made of artists and geeks, working in close cooperation with all the employees of the corporation. We introduced them to the universe of the new media. I transformed a plant into a cinema play. The employees became actors, sometimes directors, scriptwriters, and editors. Our team trained them in various fields: sound recording, camera, scriptwriting, direction. It was a creative and exhilarating experience for all.

When I published my essay on creativity, the City of Intelligences, it was a special launching at the train Windsor Station in Montreal. All guests were dressed in black contributing to the desired shade of the obscure twilight. It was a magical evening with all the artistic performances of actors, musicians and dancers.

The City of Intelligences is the book that took me to Paris. A new life began -giving lectures and working with French groups, most importantly with Electricité de France for 2.5 years with the R&D teams for an innovative transformative leadership project . I was writing a new page of my life. Again, creativity, learning and pleasure were combined in all my projects.


After the acquisition of Reynolds Metals, Alcoa Group North-East America called upon our services to alleviate the cultural shock of this merger. Once again, with our convictions, we made the former Canadian and American competitors work together, in a complementary spirit rather than competitive.


Alcoa Foundation accepted to finance a contest in the schools of Quebec for an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal and in various communities where Alcoa had plants. We created giant books to present the work (low relief on aluminum foil) made by young students of elementary schools and exposed aluminum sculptures realized by the students of secondary schools. The theme of the exhibition: dreams building a better world.


+creative PROJECTS

As you can see, I love all kinds of creative projects and most importantly I love working with others. I like this continuous process of imagining, learning, testing until a final creation. The project can be a book, a film, a game, a play, a new plant, a contest... for me as soon as we can be creative, we can do something outstanding and learning while we are doing so. These projects are the best creative schools. They are the experiences and inspiration to design The New School of Creativity courses.


The spirit of celebration started again! I wanted to celebrate beauty with Montrealers. I was invited by the most beautiful department stores of Montreal for the launching of my book School of Desires. I produced it, wrote the script and orchestrated an exhibition at Holt Renfrew for a month.

The October night was the official launching of our book with thanks going to the complicity of employees at Holt Renfrew, musicians of the Metropolitan Orchestra of Great Montreal, actors from INK and more than 500 guests entered into the play.


BOOK Launches and plays

1. L'ENTRÉE DANS LE MONDE (essay and event)

2. Kitab-Al-Hija (a novel and a play)


graphiques présentation 5.png

Pierre finally became an entrepreneur too. He joined me for the success of all these projects and ventures while teaching innovation at Polytechnique School of Montreal.