testimonies: City of intelligences—aUTHOR SYLVIE GENDREAU, CERA,1998, MONTREAL 



While reading your book, I became aware of the importance of emotional intelligence and rational intelligence in a sphere more professional than intimate. Your book is a shooting star which one keeps in mind.


Thérèse Ouellet

City of Intelligences seems  like a global refusal in regards to development of corporations. Breaking the shell of old paradigms to let dreams and creativity hatch; the shell of dry and rational voluntarism to let the enthusiasm and imagination hatch. Giving yourself the example, you break the rigid forms and the ground treaties of management to train in a garden of thoughts in multiple color.


Marcel Lalonde

Saturday April 4. I strolled around with no goal in the basement of Desjardins Complex. Tired, discouraged a little, and in fact finding myself in the basement of myself. I saw the window of Garneau Bookshop. Felt attracted telling myself that reading a good book will do me good.
I find the “business” section and suddenly notice a book placed to see the cover page. It distinguishes itself from others by its fabric: brown on a beige background. I lift it up. A funny impression. An unusual format, it seemed heavy but light at the same time.
I read the back cover and the contents intrigued me. I wanted to go through it but the plasticized coating prevented me. I bought it under the impulse of the moment.
I sat on a bench in a park removed the plastic turning the pages randomly reading certain passages. Quickly I felt a book that will devour slowly but surely. I completely appreciated the particular page-settings of the book. I fell on the first paragraph of page 33: “He opened the book. As of the first words, he knew he would never be the same again”. Touched!
Sunday evening, April 12. I almost finished reading City of intelligences. Its content touched me deeply. The collection of Quotations is very impressive. Always relevant, supplementing the text superbly. Inks are brilliant and seem to evolve as you advance in the book, becoming more precise and figurative.
All the people to whom I spoke or showed wanted to read your book. The happiness and enthusiasm it generates are communicative. 

Liliane Hamel, professors


Here is a comment from a student. The goal is to testify the contribution from your message. It is, I think, the only book which my students present at their parents, bosses or colleagues. I think that it initiates interesting conversations which go beyound academic discussions, and I find that brilliant.

Robert salmon

Two days ago while returning at midnight from Paris to Geneva I plunged into the City of intelligences. I swallowed 350 pages. The following day, I regretted having already finished it! It delighted me.


Jocelyne Bergevin

I find the City of the Intelligences an absolutely extraordinary integration of questions and answers around the search of oneself, creativity and equilibrium within organizations.

Michael Gillespie

It proved to be both stimulating and helpful in innumerable ways, not least in introducing me to such thinkers as Robert Lepage and Christian Bobin. Having been in a position of feeling alienated, self-pitying and in the throes of a victimhood complex, it has been an invaluable text in helping me understand my present situation and unlocked potential. 



gérard berger

The City of intelligences is such a revelation for me that I cannot resist the need to thank you for expressing clearly all that imbued my head for more than five years… I finally understand that my deterioration comes from the absence of my enthusiasm and consistent fear of awakening my vulnerability.

Cecile Beauvais
Saint-Andre-Avellin, Quebec

The City of Intelligences, fell in my hands by chance (it is Einstein who I believe said on this subject “the chance is the path that God takes when he wants to travel incognito.”). Finally, in brief, a friend came to visit me in my countryside and while presenting your book he said: “Take it Cecile, I believe this can be of interest to you!
It was spring 99. As usual I went and sat in the solarium with my gift while blue blackbirds passed non stop in front of me. Page after page, I discovered a captivating book; took a paper and pencil to play the exercises. This book arrives like a small treasure, a reference, a guide for us all. Thank you to have used all your intelligence, your experience, your imagination putting on paper so many ideas and knowledge.


Putting the pieces in order just before the arrival of Olivier, I fell on the book you had offered me in Paris. Was it about synchronism? My first trial reading in France was summarized in the first pages. I thought about our meetings, remembering the past, distinguishing between the important and the superfluous, putting all in order with time, etc., thus I decided to read it again, but during my stay in Chile, I lead an unrestrained rhythm of life and lost sight.
These same pages that I neglected in Paris to visit later on immediately came back to me. I have just put the book aside; to tell you that it will accompany me the way Hess accompanied my “flight case” during the years of pilot age. When I’m not reading, I wonder and think how Sylvie, so young did not live the seventy-eight skinny years that I lived, can write a book in which I recognize myself in each page. On top in a poetic style, with messages that go right inside and shake you up, messages which open windows stirring far… etc. I think I will read it calmly several times.
Excuse me, but I must turn over to page 150. I believe it is my duty to say this. I will not write more because I would like to continue reading.

Janie de Kalbermatten

It was more than a year that I read, posed, and reposed the alchemical bread which is the City of Intelligences.
I am a student in international marketing option administration, during my three years of study, rare were the books that gave little hope on a profession supposedly based on the maximization of profits and analysis of degraded consumers. Thus was with infinite happiness that I leafed through the pages and vaporous drawings of your book.

Julie Bussières

My name is Julie Bussières, I am a student at Laval University where I’m about to start an MBA program. Lately, I had to read your essay the City of Intelligences in the course Human Dimension. I wanted to simply say that your book inspired me and relieved my choices at a time of dilemma and uncertainty.


sawson akar

We have long awaited a book elevating the pattern and style of thinking in our society. Confronting the hidden questions we hold privately. Challenging the concealed potential we seize unconsciously. Creating the environment we need to think positively. Triggering the process of thought to express properly. Creating an inner force to succeed ultimately. Building the dreams we kept to share commonly. Inviting the universal mind to rebel openly.
This book “City of Intelligences”, touches the very base of our personal and professional worlds. One feels that this book is intimately addressed to him or her, when in fact, it relates not only to every case and individual but to a whole society.
The issues raised on the organizational level, the real examples extracted from this society group, and the techniques presented by the author, made it clear with a beautiful reversed manner, that the path to change, and to building a better, beautiful and creative world, starts with the self to build the mass and this oneness with the universe.
I personally like books, where there is no time or paper to waste. I enjoyed the read, not only for the depth and creativity of the content, but the gift of introducing little phrases from different writers/philosophers, relating beautifully to the subject matter, feeling that the book is not only a learning process but a piece of art.

Lucie Dion

I very much liked and appreciated your book, the City of the Intelligences, which, while educating me, largely aided put in place the numerous elements of research accumulated for the drafting of my thesis in the Law department