co-imagine a sensitive futuristic city


It all started when...

More than ever, creativity is a necessity for everyone. The digital world is changing fast, reinventing itself continuously. We all need to be creative to improve the quality of our life, work, studies, projects or just to adapt to survive and succeed in these challenging times. It’s all the more true for designers who have to bring something new to the world, something that adds value. On the other hand, we need to rethink our processes to be more respectful of the environment and the resources of the planet. Surprisingly, despite the crisis, the urgencies of climate changes and the warnings from world experts, the migratory movements and the social problems, it seems very difficult to make these changes happen in our society. Many small positive projects emerge here and there, but is it good enough to make the transition needed? The answer will come from our capacity to be creative together.

New generations of scientists, engineers, architects, landscape architects, industrial, graphic, interior designers and citizens are essential contributors to help to transform the world into a more sustainable one, stopping creating cities for cars. This requires a development of new approaches to learning to stimulate their creativity and motivation to participate in a greener, smarter and more ethical world. 

10 minutes to co-create a story

What would you say if all together we create, a collective work of art? A creative and living lab. This is my proposal. Take 10 minutes to create a story with others. Each group will receive an empty box and a design kit in a paper bag to express the best ideas the workshop inspired them to change the world.

At the end, all the boxes will be reunited to encourage the public to share the dreams of a futuristic sensitive city. Stop complaining about you don't like in your city. Join us (from all ages, fields and nationalities) together, we have the power to build sensitive, green, smart  and sustainable cities. Let’s tell the story of how we dream the cities of tomorrow.

This project is inspired by Moshe Safdie. In 1997, as part of the research for her essay on creativity,  Sylvie Gendreau, made a short film with him. Those who participated to her lectures, where she presented it, will remember the famous architect telling that he found his inspiration running every day. He explained the importance of light and nature to stimulate his creativity. In 2017, it's the 50th anniversary of the flagship real estate project, Habitat 67, designed by Moshe Safdie, a project that was an example of a habitat where light and nature would contribute to the well-being of the residents.



Unfortunately, the project, which was originally designed for the lower budget and the middle class, has become a housing project for the wealthy. And that did not stop real estate developers from continuing to build towers that are often far removed from the vision proposed by the young architect at the time. Today, 50 years later, here is the Moshe Safdie's advice to young architects to build the city of the future:


Here, in preview, before the vlog, some images of these co-creation sessions in the Garden of Lights of the World Design Summit 2017 in Montreal. An anticipatory enthusiasm for a project that will bring together our dreams and help us to create cities. Swedish, English, Chinese, French, Israeli, and of course Quebecers of all ages in a fast session of ten minutes of co-creation.