an entrepreneur

I have always been an active dreamer, but I also love to get real, design and lead creative projects with others. This makes life so much more enjoyable when you see ideas and concepts become reality When, with colleagues and friends, you make it happen no matter what. Obstacles can be very stimulating. This is so much fun to bring all kinds of people together, thriving to create something new and make a positive impact.


I did not start my career as an entrepreneur. I studied in Communication Science at University of Montreal and Quebec while working on projects for different companies. I had the chance to have great mentors. For me, school was everywhere: in cafés, museums, companies.  

In my twenties, I made my way into the world of advertising, working for BCP agency, founded by Jacques Bouchard. The lesson I learned with him is that we are more creative while having fun. Ever since, I made pleasure a condition to all my projects. While finishing my masters at University of Quebec, I was a part-time lecturer and taught communication, psychology, social psychology and sociology in colleges. I was almost the same age as my students, and their testimonies at the end of each session moved me. I had one wish: I wanted to give them the taste of learning. 

I explored the field of research, while I was Director of Public affairs at the National Institute of Productivity of Quebec,  I published in newspapers and various economic and financial magazines in Montreal. I joined CGI, a specialized group in information technologies, as a director of consulting services. In addition to being responsible for communication and strategic planning for CGI, I dealt with several Canadian corporations in different fields, such as finance, mining, pharmaceutical, legal, health and aviation. From this experience, I retained a dream that became a reality for the founders, Serge Godin and André Imbault. In 1976, they wished to develop a very large firm in the field of technologies. Thirty years later, this company has more than 68000 employees. Being a dreamer can provide a vision to keep the focus on what you want to achieve in life.

I also developed the communication strategy for Biochempharma with Dr. Francesco Bellini. I made a film explaining what AIDS was, a new disease that only a few knew at the time. I created an animated comic strip which put in scene the war led to the immune system by this new mortal virus to popularize the research of new corporations to  investors.

I got my degree in communication, once my thesis was published. I was satisfied with all these great experiences, but something was missing... I haven't met yet the man of my life!

See this guy laughing at me when I am smoking the Pipe of Peace as the youngest Beaver Club member! It was Pierre, my life partner since that day, and an important part of all my creative projects!

graphiques présentation 6.png

See this guy laughing at me?

It's Pierre, the man I love and cherish since then.

My life and creative-work partner.


I felt, I was ready for a change...  but was I ready to leap?