testimonies: FAITS D'AMOUR readings—by SYLVIE GENDREAU and artists, CCA, MONTREAL

Marie-Pierre Rolland
Ici Montréal

Do you know how big your sensitivity is, your immense passion for life, emotions, creativity, joviality, and your kindness are contagious? I do not even know what to say after such a magical evening.


michel poirier


I want to thank you for this splendid evening where Beauty had an appointment. I was particularly touched by your testimony to the love of your mother. All resounded and moved me deeply. Thank you for your authenticity and your warm kindness; it is indeed the greatest wealth in this world.


martin coutu

Thank you for the readings and the music! I liked it very much it made me think of my mother…an evening exactly as she would have liked… It was funny… to see you, on stage. That made me think of the last film by Chéreau, Gabrielle, with Isabelle Huppert… Particularly this lady who sang with all her heart, with her husband who accompanied her, the cellist with his discrete gestures, and all… It was good. Like a XVIII century evening, but with simplicity and frankness, 


louis-regis tremblay

What a beautiful success once again. Each launching is a new enriching experience. You made us leave our daily life to contact reality. A paradox, no?


lamia amor

Your readings were very touching and the evening very successful. The pianist and the violoncellist were excellent. It was a wonderful evening, and Ghizlane was moved, it made her cry (she lost her father very young and this ode to the love of a mother moved her deeply).


jean beauchamps

Your performance at “Faits d'amour” matched the evening, that is to say, fantastic. I really appreciated my evening; it was like an evening of a big show!


josée demers

It was one superb evening and Sylvie Gendreau surprised us as usual. The environment was soft and alleviating like the arms of a mother.


Élizabeth Chmielecka

The reading of Faits d'amour touched me deeply! It is a poem of sublime emotions!


Hala Nahas,

I was very much touched by the Sylvie Gendreau readings, along with the musicians and the opera singer; I fell into tears several times.