It began at an early age. I was a child lost in my dreams. It brought me fabulous memories as well as difficult ones. Being caught in an intense daydreaming session can make you look you very stupid, you know.



I was born in Montreal, Canada

A very cool city with people from all over the world.

What I love most in Montreal is to see people smiling!




My teachers got desperate with me. My parents got used to it. They were the first big love of my life. The perfect parents for me. They let me expres my creativity freely. They always gave me love and support. I wish all children had the same kind of parents. I have one brother and three sisters, all much older than me. Since I was, most of the time, alone with them, I felt most of the time as a lonely child with aunts and uncles. I was very close to them and took care of them until the end. It was difficult to accept their death. I miss them dearly. I even wrote a book after my mother left us and created a public reading for an orphanage. I received the richest heritage that one can imagine: Love and Freedom. My parents were not celebrities. They did not go to college. They were humble, both hard workers, caring and decent human beings. I admire their courage and generosity. When you have a lot, it is much easier to give. But when you have almost nothing, it is such a noble gesture. They taught me this huge lesson, being examples of goodness, kindness and fairness in all circumstances.




*Montreal, Thursday February 2, 2006. Beauty of an Eternal Bond.

by Patrice Perron

Faits d'amour is a small testimonial book of great sincerity and simplicity. It narrates one of the most beautiful relations that exist, between a mother and her child. The child is the author, Sylvie Gendreau, a woman who pays homage to the greatness of her mother who is deceased now.

It is this passage from life to death (and also from death to life) that is told. Several will recognize themselves in this force, the love and wisdom of each mother in this so important act of transmission which exist between soul mates: an act of transmission which, in spite of death, can continue to be achieved - memories and feelings will always make us grow.

This small book is then a source of inspiration whose title diverts the expression “feat of arms”, as she explains at the very end, Sylvie Gendreau: “I wanted to divert the expression “feat of arms”, because for me, love gestures are more heroic than others. And putting them in a scene can only inspire others.”

J’ai été très ému, j’ai pleuré même... Quelle belle histoire d’amour. Et quel beau personnage!
— Philippe Blime

A reading and a PERFORMANCe

WITH EUGÈNE HUSARUK, FIRST SOLO VIOLIN, Orchestre symphonique de MOntréal HIS WIFE YOLANDE (THE SINGER), CAtherine bégin (the actress), Gérald Proulx (the pianist), Vince bernard (the cellist), École de danse Louise lapierre (dancers)

What a magical evening you created for all of us. You are so full of creativity and love that it gives me hope that this can be a better world with people like you in it. I am so happy that we came.
— Wendy Gardner
I was very much touched by your readings, along with the musicians and the opera singer, i was in tears several times.
— Hala Nahas

In my life, I realized many dreams, I used to be very good at that. But I also felt lost and sad during certain periods of my life. I found the strength to get over it, thanks to friendship. Pursuing dreams is not an easy road, but with the help of others, it is unbelievable what can be accomplished.

PS: I would not been who I am without this man by my side, so I will tell you more about him. He is one of the co-founders of The New School of Creativity.  His name is Pierre Guité, a talented artist. xo